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  1. Can do this for 2,5m right now
  2. Go with @Acerd he did my firecape too very quick
  3. Just received a reply from jagex, but cunt Jane has denied my appeal Oh well
  4. thinq

    Monkey madness

    With such low stats 5m is really a fair price.
  5. thinq

    Power leveling

    I can do Slayer for 140m
  6. You should wait for a while, if the CW poll passes you can get is for like 10x less.
  7. I can do this fairly cheap.
  8. thinq

    My first pk video

    Pking is average but your song choice makes up for that.
  9. If every pure gmauler had a halo, it adds a little more risk to pure pking though. Just saying
  10. Ive sent in a submit for a freshly banned account like 14 days ago, still waiting
  11. Not really trusted because of feedbacks but i can do it for 100k each ticket. Can be done in 1 week.
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