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  1. Dont even get me started on Kodak Black and all this new shit
  2. Breaking bad and Stranger things! I really dont even watch a lot of Netflix but I binged watched them bc they were so good
  3. Very interesting way to motivate yourself.. I like it
  4. Pogba is right, karma will make its way back around to that drunk driver, he will get what he deserves. I hope your mom is doing good and praying for a quick recovery if she was injured at all.
  5. Jackson

    Best PVM

    GWD might require a little higher stats, but if you have close to 85 range and magic then Zulrah will be no problem. 1-2m an hour if you get decent drops from what I've heard.
  6. Jackson

    Best PVM

    I guess no one on Osbot knows any good moneymaking PVM methods.. What are the stats on the account?
  7. Ip flagging is also somewhat a myth, from what I've heard around the forums at least.
  8. Yes VIP/paid scripts are usually better.
  9. If I could design I would, i might have some contacts for some designers if you want though! Add me on skype - Jacksuntaylur
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