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  1. My osb is currently using up to 53% cpu Is this normal? And if so is there a way to limit that,
  2. I seen this was an issue some days ago however its happening again
  3. Does this script still run, i joined the discord but it seems dead
  4. Vouch Bought a voucher from him for vip fast. 10/10

  5. I recommend allowing this to not need 330 due to this world being constantly full. @Spider Scripts
  6. Bought 155m tyvm

  7. I need 8000 Buckets of sand, mined from sandstone into grinder, account has humidify so you will never have to bank. Looking for a price and a time frame. account is 72 mining so a decent amount of buckets per hour can be collected roughly 2-3k per hour.
  8. Still randomly logging out bots.
  9. no more then 100m not even 1750 total.
  10. Any up update regarding the client logging accounts out randomly etc?
  11. Acc has all stats required Will pay if items need to be collected: simple items like planks black armour tinder boxes etc Quote me dont send me your discord server Needs to be completed TODAY! In Aid of the Myreque Darkness of Hallowvale King's Ransom + Minigame Desert Treasure The Great Brain Robbery + Pirate Pete RFD
  12. Is botting overnight with this okay with breaks and if so what kind of breaks do you recommend,.
  13. is there any specific settings i should be using for a 10hp HCIM. also i guess i should still be using a steel axe?
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