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  1. Is there custom layouts i can use?
  2. Duong

    Stealth Quester

    I did the quest diplomacy mad long ago i dont remember srry. but is there a way to fix so i can remove it/ finish doing mith glove
  3. Duong

    Stealth Quester

    ive done goblin diplamcy but everytime i try to run rfd goblin subquest it just shuts off..? still shows goblin diplomacy in the quest list dont know why.. help
  4. Duong

    mirror mode

    everytime i try to start up a a script on mirror mode the client just freezes but if i click within the bot client on the other window it moves around but as for the scripts themselves they're also frozen i guess. im on a mac is there anyway to fix? Injection mode works fine
  5. hey im having difficulties with mine, it has only done 1 run and it keeps repeating to go back to bank and logging off constantly how do i fix this?
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