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  1. SuikaBooty left Negative feedback   

    fuck this piece of shit scamming me 460m

    sezerrr was The Seller

  2. Nate left Neutral feedback   

    Wasted my time making a deal to be met with "I don't do that" when bringing up using a trusted Middleman. SKETCHY USER

    sezerrr was Trading

  3. Lulu left Negative feedback   

    Did a service for him, did not get paid and being ignored.

    sezerrr was The Buyer

  4. Container left Positive feedback   

    Tried to buy a service - he took helf the payment and never got it done. Does not answer my PMs.

    sezerrr was The Seller

  5. Nurvael left Neutral feedback   

    Wanted to get a service done but refused to have a ''Trusted'' middleman hold gp because he got scammed by a ''middleman'' before. turned into termination.

    sezerrr was The Seller

  6. dunnolf left Negative feedback   

    Was a worker for him, paid 25m deposit did an order for 40.5m, Never paid my deposit or my 40.5m from the order

    sezerrr was Trading

  7. RsgpDeals left Positive feedback   

    sold me 116m 07 ty

    sezerrr was The Seller

  8. Ra1n b0ws left Positive feedback   

    Made him a pure and he sold me one of his accounts, will trade again!

    sezerrr was The Seller

  9. drapi left Positive feedback   

    sold me some accounts

    sezerrr was The Seller

  10. Jordan left Positive feedback   

    Bought 105M - So fast and a great guy!

    sezerrr was The Seller

  11. Jordan left Positive feedback   

    Bought 75M 07 - So easy

    sezerrr was The Seller

  12. Jordan left Positive feedback   

    bought gold! quick and easy thanks

    sezerrr was The Seller

  13. daweed left Positive feedback   

    ordered FireCApe :) fast and worry free :)

    sezerrr was The Seller

  14. 99erythang left Positive feedback   

    Successfully got me a firecape and did the quest DT! I reccomend

    sezerrr was The Seller

  15. RsgpDeals left Positive feedback   

    bought his 100m 07 ty

    sezerrr was The Seller

  16. prest left Positive feedback   

    Took fire cape for me, thank you! :)

    sezerrr was The Seller

  17. Sinon left Positive feedback   

    Did 60-60-60 for him, got paid instantly.

    sezerrr was The Buyer

  18. wehedo left Positive feedback   

    Did powerlvl and Got me a firecape. Awesome dude.

    sezerrr was The Seller

  19. Jaw left Positive feedback   

    Did FC fast and efficient

    sezerrr was The Seller

  20. Trees left Positive feedback   

    Did FC fast and with supplies left over!

    sezerrr was The Seller

  21. SnowMan left Positive feedback   

    Bought some gp, thanks man

    sezerrr was The Seller

  22. Christoff98 left Positive feedback   

    got a fire cape for me - trusted

    sezerrr was The Seller

  23. iFittieTuck left Positive feedback   

    Got me fcape in no time - trusted

    sezerrr was The Seller

  24. Tom_1990_D left Positive feedback   

    Got me 50-70 str + sold me 25m ty!!

    sezerrr was The Seller

  25. lepurc left Positive feedback   

    Got me some levels very fast and at short notice

    sezerrr was The Seller

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