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  1. Try to reach 10 p2p bots, run them for 1 day to get investment back+profit. Every other day = lots of $$
  2. Noob1337

    What you think

    I like it, but too dark on the top of the S
  3. I'm botting on a ip that got like 5 bans of goldfarm accounts. Running bots for 4 days straight on this same ip with no bans. When a IP is flagged it gets me banned the same or next day. You dont get flagged after one ban.
  4. Try to find out how often and when you get banned with the method you're using. Also I think you're fine for the first 20-30 bans, after that your ip is flagged and simply just buy proxys. If you're thinking you are doing good a good way to expand is buying VPS servers. Goodluck
  5. Insane Goodluck on making investments back!
  6. My bot farm got banned today (14 bots), diffrent ip's and vps. Just wondering if anyone else got banned today :p
  7. Just bought your script. I'm enjoying it so far
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