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  1. I hate it with a passion, too add 1 new bot account I would have to close all my previous accounts to reopen and make work again.
  2. Yo yessss time to upgrade and kick these other botting sites in the ass!!!!!!!!
  3. Nah brother, Way to pricey for me.
  4. IMO F2P = Be ready for a ban at ANY time, don't go off botting your main with 190000 total level and fire cape and 40000 hours of legit playing in F2P. Be ready and OK with the ban in F2P (farms) P2P = Buy the right script, use the right breaks OR no breaks because both do work and do stuff inbetween botting (Instead of using a G.E Walker walk there yourself etc etc) I bot both F2P and P2P with a high amount and bots and 40% of my bots in F2P get banned and maybe 10% of my bots in P2P get banned. All my info I got is from experimenting and getting 5-10 decent accounts banned in
  5. I have a bunch of 40/40/40 accounts that have you reqs but what would you pay for them?
  6. I would just not bot on that account anymore at all.
  7. Honestly man, this sounds like maybe AGES ago you gave a friend the user/pass of that account and now that is was unbanned maybe your friend somehow found out (saw you log into osrs and is on your friends list) and logged in after you. That or those Pservs need to fck off and you need to get off that shit.
  8. Honestly man...just move on and try again. You got banned on your first account on your first attempt. Just try again brother and see what happens again but this time don't do stuff by hand at all. Just do botting to stay consistent with the mouse movements and what not. I don't do stuff by hand personally because I feel like it throws off the account and its a red flag IMO. I have got like 40+ accounts banned before stuff started going my way. You bought a script? thats fine man keep using it just takes 2 seconds to create a new account.
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