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  1. Xiez

    Exco Puro Puro

    Could I get a trial?
  2. Hey Apa No plans on adding Giant seaweed > Soda ash?
  3. @Czar Does this support volcanic ash mining? edit: Found out it doesn't, would be a great feature to add. Both for ironmen and goldfarming @Czar
  4. Hey Khal, trial me for this one please?
  5. Alright thanks. The scenario is pretty rare, but happened to me once or twice, I had to manually fix the bot so it could continue. Overall great feature tho. Love it.
  6. Overall great update, greaj job @Czar. However I ran into a problem; the bot can get stuck when unnoting the waterskin if inventory is full. For example, the bot doesn't recognise that the sandstone is not put into the grinder when out of waterskins. If you could make an update where the bot grinds the sandstone before running to the camp WHEN out of waterskins, that would be great and it would turn the method into being flawless.
  7. The script still hasn't been updated to v.142.1 @Czar.
  8. Any update on the bandit un-noting? It's been like 6 weeks man.
  9. @Czar Status on the bandit un-noting??
  10. https://gyazo.com/aabf46ea0c8dbeab8840925b2c2a0e19
  11. Idk if bans are reduced the higher level you are, im currently in the 90's with no issues edit: also never personally been banned for botting agility, i have one account with 99, 100% botted, a main with 2100 total with 90 and my current ironman also in the 90's.
  12. Not gonna lie, I just botted rooftops agility for 22 hours with breaks of 15 mins every 2 hours. This was done on an ironman, idk if that plays a huge factor
  13. @Czar How far are you with the bandit un-noting..?
  14. @Czar Any update on the bandit camp un-noting?
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