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Kid Cudi

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this looks good, after-all nice work on the render.



4/10, the background is good, the render is good, but do not go together at alllll...add some effects to the ********a or change the background.


Im going to start hiding your posts, read this so I wont need to http://osbot.org/forum/topic/957-cnc-guidelines/



nice work Rusko, I like your composition but the render needs to be blended a lot more (especially his right shoulder). the colours are great but there doesn't seem to be any light source. glad to see you working with c4d's biggrin.png


moar c4d whoringggggggggggggggggggggg

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Your lighting needs to be fixed, this tag has such great potential.. 

I just did a few simple things, and you can see how much more your eyes will be focused on the focal point.




and this is all I did; c1qNU08.png

WITHOUT the .psd


Imagine what you could do with the .psd

Oh no I tottally I agree I could have done so much more with this tag to make it work. But I was in a rush, even though I never want to rush my tags I did with this one. It was only to get to learn C4D's since my past work has all consisted of smudging. 


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