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My peni* got frost bite

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My dick got frost-bite.

My dick just fell off while I was running, I could feel it dropping down my leg... As I looked behind me I saw, my dick "Lay out on the floor" I then... stopped.. ran backwards, to my dick, lay flat out on the floor.. Looked at it, though "What The

" I then..


got pretty angry.. and started to jump on it... I mean, like now it's not even possible to repair it... It's a waste I'm not sure what to do with life now, as it is a serious matter... I just can't believe this happened.

Once I finished my ran.. I headed straight to my "Mothers" house.. and I spoke to her about what I had come across, my "Dick" falling off. She asked if she could look at my balls, I showed her... then she told me I had frost bite... So... seriously... keep your "Dick" warm.. or you will get frost bite.

I'm going to get a Turkey to gobble on my balls to keep them warm for now. " Gobble, Gobble "

Another serious thing here... As I'm Welsh.. I though I'd say this... If anyone has "Sheep" near by.. and you're feeling horny.. then go fuck a "Sheep" they have a slanted pussy... and no lie, there great fucks...

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