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  1. What you know what I wish it was fake & no you didn't see it on reddit you're fake bruv. Yes I have it was pretty weird adjusting but I miss the life on the out side! I didn't avoid confrontation in prison no I had plenty of fights in a place like that you have to act Alpha and when shit hits the fan you don't back down.
  2. No ^^ I was in a B - cat prison full of murders and rapists too... prison isn't even like that I'd shower and if I saw someone looking at my dick I'd tell them to fuck off straight up. I'm not even "Tough" but you have to stick up for your self in a environment like that and if worse happens you get punched. I got my first broken nose in prison so I picked up a kettle full of hot water and threw it on the cunt he ran away but I still had a bluddy nose. I've got nothing to hide.
  3. Yeah that's right I waited a whole year just to come on osbot and share this. Where did I state in this thread I waited a year to post this ? "since 9th jan to post this thread" that's what a month ? I have nothing to hide people make mistakes ( I've made many, I don't play video games either well occasionally I'm on the ps4 but anyway even if I did what I play has nothing to do with you. Well I'll put it plain and simple I was the kind of nutjob that wouldn't hesitate to stab the fuck out of you I guess that's why I went down the path I did.
  4. Didn't watch the clip but have you seen the glitch where you can go under the map ? ( you can kill people from there it's pretty cool.
  5. google the account name enough said.
  6. pretty creepy picture ahha Recent picture maybe that's how I look bruv.
  7. No it's not the first time I've been in trouble I've been in a lot of trouble but now it's time for it to stop. Yeah I did swap a account with 99 slayer for RSPS what is your server called ? I've not played runescape for a long time nor any rsps ever since my main got banned for that link you posted Jagex perm banned me from the game for life ( court order.
  8. Well it's not a very nice place but I suppose it's not suppose to be good right ? Uhm well behind your cell door 22 hours.... I'm sick of TV and I'm sick of working out. # Keep your mouth shut... don't be cocky otherwise you get slapped up. Don't do what I did and fight the prison officers because they beat the fuck out of you and take you down to solitary confinement ( I shat on plates and through it at them ) I did some crazy stuff while in there... I climbed the prison fence and climbed onto the roof and refused to come down because I didn't like how they were treating me. # In the end I got bored and realized prison isn't for me & decided to change, I lost a couple of friends in there ( from suicide ) both hanged there self ( friends from where I live ) My plan now I'm out is to engage with the mental health services right now I'm not working and I receive about £1500 in benefits ( I was in the Military and have worked in the past ) For me to get better I need to work on my self... I'm going to use all the services to the max ( such as probation / psychiatrist - I use to think they was there to get me into trouble but I realize they're supporting me. To get my life back on track and be the brilliant dad everyone knows I am my kids mean the world to me, I know that may sound funny and you're probably thinking if they mean the world to me why did I do this? Because I was under the influence of drugs and my head wasn't in the right place I wasn't taking my medication & that is no excuse for what I did.
  9. Well I've been waiting since 9th jan to post this thread but due to me being unable to log on I wasn't able too! I just want to say hello! @Scotty @Dduffed missed you both! Why I went to prison?I had a 3 hour stand off with police, threats to kill, array, comment assault and agrevated burglary ( I smashed the house up not burgled the place ) I did this because the guy was stealing from me & people in my area.# It wasn't worth it I went to prison he won I really regret this also. - Don't listen to where the news paper says I took a nail bomb into a pub that's 100% lies. Around 6 Dyfed Powys Police cars were called to Vaynor st. last night after a man with a machete knife allegedly smashed a window and destroyed a front room. The man was apprehended on the corner of North rd. where it meets the top of Vaynor street. It seems that nobody was hurt but witnesses said that a window was all smashed in by the man and the front room of the described as “proper wrecked” with chairs and other household items strewn all over. Some witnesses reported that they believe the man responsible for the attack, described as a “nutter”, was the same artist who went on a rampage a few weeks back and threatened to nail-bomb the Libertine cocktail bar. If true it would appear that the mentally ill man, reported to have been living in Bluebell woods the past few months due to his PTSD, has finally been apprehended by Police. A police spokesperson said: “Police received a number of calls from members of the public concerned that a male was brandishing a weapon in public. “A 23-year-old male has been arrested on suspicion of possession of a bladed article and currently remains in police custody. “If anyone has information that could assist police with their investigation they are asked to report it using the 101 number or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. “Police would like to reassure the public that this was an isolated incident and officers took swift action to arrest the individual.” UPDATE: Proceedings on Saturday, December 10 at LLanelli Magistrates Court, revealed the identity of the man as distinct from the rampaging artist. William Michael Paul Parker, 23, 40 Rhydybont, appeared charged with assaulting Olive Branch Chef Stavros Hamza by beating, making a threat to kill, burglary of a property with intent to cause criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon and possession of a bladed article on December the 8th. Parker is now due to appear on January the 6th in Swansea Crown Court and has been denied bail.
  10. The pills are good for my mind they are to cover my Psychosis up ( obviously its still there but aslong as I take my daily dosages then I'm alright, well it depends actually. Snorting Subutex is real bad though I guess and certainly does make me feel high well a lot more than High uhm... make me feel off my fucking face. Also they're to help my bipolar & I have to have a injection like once every fortnight thats to stop me having manic bipolar episodes.
  11. LOOK AT ME I'M A LAUGHING STOCK!?!?! - I'm gonna blame these
  12. I wish I could force you to atleast give Star wars Old Republic a try. I think you would really like that game even if you're not a star wars fan.
  13. I own the email WFC@hotmail.com do you think it's worth anything as its a 3 charactered @hotmail.com I'm just curious.
  14. I tell you what though Hero you should play SWOR - star wars old republic. It's a great game I've spent to many hours on it!! The graphics are immense and the gameplay is great. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kXHfXYXbdGY I apologize my mistake ^^ I'm talking about - World At War... not WOW ^^
  15. He's not talking about wow ^^ or is he ? If so I take it back its not fun. Edit; You're right luuul
  16. I need to get it back before my boiler gets serviced!
  17. I've never played in either but I've seen it advertising on TV. Just as you say it does indeed look fun
  18. Nice watch thanks. Don't even know what I just saw really looked like Halo but cod too.
  19. Delete please; It was stuck in my zip.
  20. Lol man she's you're partner ^^ you should use your noggin instead of asking others what she would want.
  21. This guy. Sara ? The person who started working for a Chinese gold farming company ??
  22. R.I.P Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee!
  23. I tend not to bring my ocd offline otherwise I'm going to be fucked and I'm already fucked up enough.
  24. Usually people don't assume because one is on a botting site they bot. - I've not botted in years!
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