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[[VigilSales]] Major RuneScape Boss Farm [[$2,500 Per Month]]


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DAY = 10/185








Start Off

First Days Progress (AFK Training On Monks & Basic F2P Quests)



All NMZ Quests & Stats Have Been Achieved Leaving Me With Just The Combat Training To Complete!



Account Has Been AFK Training At My New Training Spot (Current Rates Are Around 25-30k Experience Per Hour)



Account has taken its first two trips at NMZ collecting a total of 600,000 points which have been invested into pots ready to AFK NMZ




Day 10

The account is now set to AFK the sites of NMZ for the coming weeks, the training has been slow as I took 3 days off to farm SDMM to support this accounts bank (Progress im sure will be caught up)









To Note: You Can Contact Me Via Message For More Details On Donating, Thanks!

Coming Soon!


To Note: I Will ONLY Be Starting Out With One Account Due To Funds & Supplies, The Other Three Will More Than Likely Be Produced By The Start Of Week Two

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can you fix the text so i can read it without getting cancer thank you sir


Il look into this shortly... Was a basic copy and paste from my other progress thread until I update later today... Sorry about that.


Edit: Ive adjusted the text color to white in hopes that will help... Let me know thanks :)

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