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Jagex you won. I will stop botting/playing rs


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I wanted to build an account to pk on deadman mode so I bought vip for mirror mode, bought a premium autofighter and made sure to have breaks and antiban enabled. It was running smoothly throughout the day and I was certain I was going to build an account capable of pking within two weeks. At the end of the day, I turned my bot off because I was going to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I  opened up my bot and tried to log in, but I couldn't. I was banned. I invested around 30$(vip, script, bond) to have the ability to bot with the least risk of being banned, but it appears that botting, even when taking every precaution, will lead to an inevitable ban. 


I don't have the time to click attack on npc's for hours and I will not keep spending money on bonds only to have my accounts banned. Until there is a mass amount of bots goldfarming in runescape (so much so that detecting an autofighter is not in Jagex's radar) or until someone develops a bot that won't get banned in less than a week, I will have to say goodbye to botting and playing runescape. I will still watch runescape content but I will not play it as I do not have the time to grind and spend meaningless hours on something that adds zero value to my life. I've been botting since 2009, and these past 6 months have been the best jagex has been at botting bots.



edit here is an account I finished botting in june 2015, shortly after mirror mode was released (using Czar's scripts).


I tried to replicate an account like this during november 2015 with the same scripts, but it appeared that was the time jagex upgraded their bot busting system.













here's another one,



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I don't have the time to click attack on npc's for hours and I will not keep spending money on bonds only to have my accounts banned. 


just buy an ready to pk account from someone trusted or buy a powerlvling/questing service.

no need to quit the game if you're having fun pking. (what i am assuming)


good luck though

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My brother I have had these same experiences. I recommend purchasing a paid VPN (I know you dont want to spend money, but some will give 100% refund within 7 days no matter what, i'll link you if you pm me) - you'll have access to over 1000+ IPs in case you're flagged. I also own 3 SDN premium scripts which have resulting in high ban rate / annoyance lol I look at it this way, if 1000-10000 users own the script and are using it, well Jagex recognizes the algorithm and click interaction a lot quicker than if you were to purchase a 1/1 custom script. Check my signature for a professional scripter.


I couldn't even get past a 24 hour limit with any script on the SDN AFTER my ip was flagged - I've ran a suicide miner 80+ hours with the custom script my boy Extreme Scripts made


Hope you don't quit man, having bans and experimenting is a huge part of successfully botting but once you get the hang of it I know you'll enjoy it :p

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