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quite the poem :boge: (about an anime)


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Here's a show with an interesting theme

About an otaku with a dream:

To create a new game

That puts all else to shame

And produced by the girls from his team


One day he met a girl dressed in white

It was a case of love at first sight

Except instead of love

It was rather kind of

Like he wanted her soul's copyright


She would model for the female lead

For the game; he made sure she agreed

But despite interests joint

To just get to that point

There was one more thing that they would need


So he then asked with all of his heart

If his tsundere friend could take part

Since under a fake name

She'd gotten tons of fame

For her professional hentai art


Lastly the top student of his grade

With the plotline, he asked for her aid

But as he came to see

What she wrote up was the

Most ridiculous script ever made


So at last the circle was created

Which made the protag oh so elated

However although he

Did not care 'bout 3D

All the girls thought of him as their fated


So they did everything that they could

To ensure that the game would be good

And when there was a chance

At him they'd steal a glance

Whilst pretending to work as they should


Overall it was touching and cute

But there's more where that came from to boot

If you thought that was it

Please calm down for a bit

That was still just the very first route!


for anyone wondering which anime , its Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

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