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2 day ban on two accounts... and now?


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Well , on my account i got 99 str and 99 fletc with bots, str from Czar ankous, and fletch i dont remember. Using mirror mode like 5 months ago, no problem and no bans, now i got back to game, did ALOT of questing and did mage 75-78 auto-click ( yes i know that was dumb), 1 day and boom, 2 days ban.
Same time i was using auto click, got my friend account on Ankous bot same time, my account and his account got 2 day ban. Using only 1 day of booting, like 10 hour with breaks.
The question is, if i play without using any types of macroing now, its still a chance i get perma ban? i wanna just to know, i dont care too much that account..

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