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my thoughts on"safe spaces"


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Safe spaces are basically hygiene in the 90s 


Everyone thought being extremely hygienic was beneficial to your health.....


but if your body doesn't come into contact with germs the white blood cells do not become beasts at fighting them off

so some shitty cold could come and wreck you.


same concept with a safe space

if you are protected from bullying you will be a pussy... and when you finally get into a bit of hassle you will be wrecked









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If you can't take critisism or even a bit disagreement then you are dumb. It'll be the death of our youth, people will grow up and be sheltered from everything that once they get into the real world everything for them would trigger them. You need some codling, yes. But too much of it is bad, people need to not hide from reality and face it head on.

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