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2 day ban minor...but...


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Mine had last 5 nights (when jagex not in office). Also was doing alot skilling, quests,talk to other peps.
1st night: 4h~ spiders switch to 2h~ crawlers.
2nd night: 4h~ range guild switch to 9h~ crawlers.

3rd night: 10h crawlers.

4th night: 11h crawlers.

5th night: 1h spiders switch to 5h crawlers and off.

and this day was update, was playing before update and after update then off for 2hour. After 2h I was going to bot BOOM DC. (was going to do 6h rng guild/6h crawlers). Looks like if you bot after 2day ban, its like bot a lvl3 acc straight of tut island. They close look at this for some time. Tbh if the first week after ban play legit and then start bot I think you can survive. I spent 14Day in runescape since 67days i arrived then i got 2day ban.

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