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help/advise needed pls


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I suicide botted an account a few days ago and got banned with 24 hours. I'm trying to transfer in increments of 500k. I lost the last batch but I made close to 1m regardless. I'm doing this while I play my main on the same IP. Is this a bad idea or does it not matter? Also, would it be okay to eventually transfer my earnings to my main from my bank mule?


Having to keep making new accounts is going to get tiring eventually. Could I postpone the bans for a longer period of time by botting for less amounts of hours? Or will it happen within 24 hours regardless?

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I recommend u to have 2 accounts. 1 with is the mule that hold all the cash. and the second account with is ur main account "in this part I recommend u to only xfer small amount and not huge ones or sell the rsgp for irl with is what everyone do" because if u xfer money from botters accounts to ur main there is 50-50 u can also get ur main banned for gold farming.

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