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So this was a old post of mine(different forum) I decided to bring forward as I see many people still struggle making a good GUI I hope to help save time and effort. Enjoy
Hey guys thought I'd bring you this since many people do GUI's and look for developers for them, I am sure some on you use or have used JFormDesigner. http://www.formdev.com/ For download and reference.I got passed the evaluation stage a while back and knew a little bit about .bat's, so I made this it probably isn't the greatest way in the world but you are free to make it whatever you like. Have your evaluation key already installed and you are ready for this
Read and choose one :


title JFormDesigner -Blood Rush20
set BEFOREDATE=%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~10,4%
date [color=#ff0000]08-30-12[/color] 
start/d "E:\Program Files\JFormDesigner" JFormDesigner.***
ping -n 5 > NUL 2>&1
For those of you that use "dd-mm-yyyy" format, use this:
title JFormDesigner -Blood Rush20
set day=%date:~0,2%
set month=%date:~3,2%
set year=%date:~6,4%
set BEFOREDATE=%day%-%month%-%year%
date 30-11-12
start/d "D:\JFormDesigner\JFormDesigner" JFormDesigner.***
ping -n 5 > NUL 2>&1

And this one will make your date go back to normal once the program is closed

@echo off
set newdate=02/02/11
set programpath="C:\Program Files (x86)\jFormDesigner"
set programdrive=C:
set exename=JFormDesigner.***

:: Dont change anything under here.
set currentdate=%date%

if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="0" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="1" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="2" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="3" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="4" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="5" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="6" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="7" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="8" goto continue
if "%currentdate:~0,1%"=="9" goto continue
goto fixdate

echo Date saved to %currentdate%

echo Setting new date to %newdate%
date %newdate%

echo Starting %exename%
echo Date will reset upon program shut down
cd \.
cd %programpath%
start /wait %exename%

date %currentdate%
echo Date reset to %currentdate%

ping -n 1 -w 2000 >nul
goto END

set currentdate=%currentdate:~4%
echo Date corrected from %date% to %currentdate%
goto continue



Save as JFormDesigner.bat All we basically are doing here is:
getting our current date
storing it
setting our date to xx-xx-xx(change the red text to whatever you evaluation period was good for,any day in the period will work)
waiting for the program to load with our useless pings
then waiting for you to be done and press any key
resetting the date to our date when we started the bat
You must change your directory to your program file.
Hope it's useful.In advance I can care less about your opinions on this product or what you like to use, this is simply for newer people or users of this product.
I can't take every credit the different bats were completed by different individuals off my basic 1st one I wrote so Credit to whom it is due Fixz && ExoMemphiz
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