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Moderate Ban Appeal (Happened Last Night)


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So i woke up 10 min ago and found my account was banned. Was pretty upset, then i looked and it says it is a moderate ban and it will be available in 1 day. Which is a silver lining, but i hate training boring as skills legit as most of you feel the same way lol


My question is: 


1. What does this mean for botting in the future? Should I pretty much just never do it again?  I imagine I am on some sort of blacklist?


2. Is my IP address being followed?


If anyone has had a moderate ban occur to them before and would like to put me at ease and tell me what to do that would be awesome. 


(I played probably 13 hours yesterday, most of which was actually legit questing and slayer. I did however bot slayer tasks, which I assume is why I was banned,)


Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

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1. Botting on it would be suicide.

2. Your IP is probably going to be watched for a while. Botting on other accounts wont effect your other account getting banned if you don't bot on it. 


I had a moderate ban on my main. I have not botted on the account since and that was over a year ago. But I am still able to bot successfully and make a decent amount of GP off my botting accounts. 

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this is probably the most autistic thing i have heard today

autistic? or the truth and have the stats and skills to prove

Thanks for the help guys! I will be sure to not bot on that account anymore. Just curious, what are some good scripts as far as gp builders? (New to the site)

any thing makes you money, just depends how far your willing to do to get. 

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