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Price check my main :)

Master Splinter

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100m just for the att/str/def. Didn't look at other stats, but the 94 mage should add around 20m, 81 range around 10m. Fishing and slayer looks very nice aswell.

haha thanks i appreciate that! :) I have been using this forum as a guest for a long time and people seem very friendly so I'm looking forward to eventually selling here. I've tried player auctions with no success.


Wow! That's a lot more than i expected thanks for the pc!

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If you're interested in buying once i hit 100 posts let me know. We can go through PlayerAuctions or just use a middleman here. I'm trying to get 100 posts legitimately while helping others so it could take a little while though. 

Just edited my updated stats.. Would really some feedback as i am not sure how much i could potentially make by selling this account :)

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