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I hate these vermins


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I feel like I need to express my anger when it comes to this select group of persons called "ironmen". I hate them. There is nothing more that I hate on runescape than these pests. I cannot comprehend why whenever I test my scripts which are still in development there has to be one of those who happens to be collecting snape grass somewhere at 2 hours from the closest bank where no one ever goes except for them. They know they are inferior to me because they cannot trade so they choose to report all the bots I happen to be testing my scripts on, because if they cannot trade a person means that person is obviously a bot. As if that wasn't enough, they hop through all worlds to make sure they collect all the snape grass and if they bothered hopping, they will also bother reporting my bots on EVERY world.


vsu3MP4.gif vsu3MP4.gif vsu3MP4.gif vsu3MP4.gif    I HATE THESE VERMINS.  vsu3MP4.gif vsu3MP4.gif vsu3MP4.gif vsu3MP4.gif

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