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Best scripts/skills to multi-bot with?


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So my friend and I have been botting since pre EOC, but only for combat. We've never had any experience with moneymaking scripts. We've decided to make 10 lvl 3 accounts each (yay for VIP), and start botting away. The problem is, we don't know where to start.


We don't mind suiciding them and making new accounts, but we have no idea if we should start woodcutting, mining, or smithing, etc. There's so many different moneymaking/skilling scripts, we'd like to know what the most efficient / most used methods. We aren't asking for your super secret private scripts or hidden methods. We just want to make some side cash :)


Some advice would be greatly appreciated!




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You've got to find what works best for you.


Cooking is actually a great one, although only worthwhile at higher levels. Smithing is also fantastic, (cannonballs, or even forging iron knives etc). Mining is also a great one, although again mainly at higher levels. Same for fishing.


My recommendation is: try a bit of everything, see what works best for you :) and if you can, try and find a secret method and write a script to farm it! after all, if you write the script yourself you can fix your own bugs whenever you need, add new features, and you dont have to pay anyone to do it all for you :)



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