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Was on the osbot client ( couldn't be asked opening osbuddy or the runescape client ) and i got a couple range levels on a fresh account. And then i did some questing. All on the osbot client. And in the middle of running to draynor i dc, when i tried to log in it said the account was disabled. I checked and it was for macroing and it was a perm ban. Was it just because i was using the client?

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Maybe it's a re-sold/used proxy but i don't want to bring lemons in discredit. It could also be within a flagged IP range, which is known to be used by botters.


I do not resell or sell used proxies to unsuspecting customers. All IPs are fresh, not like this matters anyways. I can guarantee with 99% certainty it was because you were using a poorly written script, or a high-ban rate method.

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