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A happy day for me.


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So, back when Abyssal Whips first came out in January 2005 with the Slayer update; I was naive enough to believe someone when they said I could get a whip for "free" providing I handed over my account(Stupid, I know). Needless to say I had my password changed, and couldn't get back onto it.


At the time, I had just finished Hero's quest, grinded(legit) for the money to buy a Dragon Battleaxe from the guild, and was training my Attack/Strength/Defence to 70, in the Slayer cave in Lumbridge, training on Wall Monsters(I don't know why either).



So anyway, a year or so ago I remembered the username for it - and gave it a shot at recovering it, considering I had pretty solid proof that I was in fact the original owner.


Boredom lead me to try and log in, and BOOM! Logged right in! Now, I won't ever play RS3, I hate the way it looks, I hate the updates; all I play now is OSRS. But it was cool to log back in to an account I thought I'd lost, and see all the progress I had made legit back in the day.

The bank contains basically nothing of value(I think); d scim & battle, zammy robes. That's it unless you like Random Event costumes.


Login after 1000+ days:




Stats upon logging in:





Just thought I'd share it.

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