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[Requset] Unban from chatbox


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Ok, I know this is going to me hated as it bashes on two of your beloved and respect moderators... Muffins and Assnerd.


If you guys have seen my in the chat box, you know I've got a bit of a mouth BUT it's litterly banter. That's all. I dish it and I can take it. If you can't take it, let me know and I'll stop.


In the chat, someone, said they where a furry. My response was "Yiff in hell furry fgt".

Assnerd didn't like this, so I get kicked.

I called Assnerd a furry fgt. (after rejoining the chat)

Muffins kicks me.

I get pointed to a thread that states the 'hierarchy' of mods, from Muffins.

I reply "The heirarchy of mods? You mean the Nazi regime of the mods" <- a nazi joke to demonstrate how strict and ruthless some of the mods are with the powers that they hold.


And now I'm banned from the chat box. I asked for an unban in PM with Muffins but got a simple No. As of writing this, I'm not unbanned.


Personally I don't think I deserve to be banned from the chatbox for this. This is just my reaction to abuse of mods that are censoring the chat box because they simply don't like what they see. Maybe they get triggered IDK.


Please can I get unbanned? I've seen the "errors" in my ways and I promise I'll never talk to a mod again. It's not like I'm here leaching all your scripts. I'm activly trying to write a full sorcGarden minigame script that will be free to all osbot users (since the only one's around are all private or don't work).

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