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GGSuperheater BETA

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To do list:

Run timer
Magic xp gained calculator 
Smithing xp gained calcalculator

Bars made calculator
Magic xp/hr calculator 
Smithing xp/hr calculator 

Bars made/hr calculator 
Magic level + level gained calculator 
Smithing level + level gained calculator

Supports all bankbooth's

Antiban - Though very very basic, plan to improve in the future.

Support Depositing random event items

GUI - Havent learn't how to make one, meaning no multiple ores till I do.
Support Multiple Ores - Can do this when I learn how to make a GUI

Professional Paint -  Will have someone making me one when/if I release this script.


Working list:

Super heats steel bars (Iron ore + coal ore). ONLY, steel bars.

All six calculators are functional.

Withdraws and deposits with the fastest methods using "All".

MUST Start with Nature runes in the inventory, the rest "can" be empty, has multiple solutions for each situation containing inventory. If you get an item from a random event, the bot will make an iron bar due to screwing up the iron/coal ratio, thus telling the script to deposit ALL items if the bank is open and inventory holds an iron bar, meaning you can now superheat flawlessly ANYWHERE.


Supports all bankbooth's.

Has a fail safe so that if the bot attempts to open bank while the Super Heat spell has been cast, it will use the fail safe and deselect the spell meaning the bot can now open the bank. "Flawless".


Has a fail safe to allow people to bot anywhere - banks random event items resetting the iron/coal ratio.


Sometimes sits there after withdrawing 18 coal and 9 iron (full inv) hovering over iron inside bank. (Fixed)
Frequently mis-clicks superheat item even if there is no ore in inven due to lag. (Fixed with failsafe)
No others at this time.








Thanks to H0ppy and Nick and PurpleK for explaining many concepts as I started scripting 3 days ago for Java AND OSBot.

Edited by Gilgad

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good job, glad i could help a little during development 


Thanks for explaining many concepts about scripting to me!


Now supports all areas!


Though highly recommended to do at PC because it does not yet support banking random items.

All calculators are now implemented.

Added very, very, basic antiban.

Added new failsafe, deposits ALL items if the bank is open and there is an iron bar in your inventory.


Only way you would get an iron bar is if you get an item from a random screwing up the coal/iron ratio making 1 iron bar.


Meaning, you can now superheat anywhere :)

Edited by Gilgad

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You'd do that? Cheers man! Gonna have to be tomorrow though, 1:30 am atm, working all night to make the script faster.


Updated the banking speed to much much faster, and slowed the superheating so that there is less misclicking from lag via the bot which makes the timing perfect.


Bumped it up from 47k mage xp/hr and 850 bars/hr to 58k xp/hr avg and 1k bars/hr avg.


Going to try get a 25 hour proggie before release :D


(First version will be the slow banking though).

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