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not sure if i did something wrong but when i start the bot nothing pops up

Try again. smile.png Also, run basic mode for now until I've sorted out the pro mode. You will also need to make sure clan chat is open, so the bot can read from it. (I will automate this for the next build.)

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"Truth is, the game was rigged from the start"


jk, but some of the game types seem to have a house edge and others don't at all, guess its pretty normal to a casino then xD just add some flashing lights to the high house edge games lolol


Also, maybe add some notion of provably fair? This way no one can dispute the outcome of the game. This would require the bot to talk though, so it could say the hash, and just allow an optional "seed" param in the player/host command.

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Still not sure how this works lol


The 'pro' mode is still under development, so only use the 'basic' mode for now.

  1. On bot account, join a CC, make sure the CC tab is open and run the script.
  2. On your host account, join the same CC and...host.
  3. When hosts need to play a game, they call out commands in the CC (e.g., !dd) to get random output from the bot.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.
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when im logged in with the bot acc and the host, and i type the !dd command with my host, the host will type the outcome?


I thought my bot will type it? or do i need 2 seperate pc's for it or something?



Sorry if you dont understand,bad english


Custom keyboard = robot types as though it were you typing.


You need to have the bot running on a separate computer if you wish to have the custom keyboard enabled. :)

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