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My name's Jay


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I've never actually done a proper introduction for myself so here we go smile.png  I'm not very good at making things short so I'll add a lot of pictures to help.




My name is Jay. I'm currently 19 y/o and I'll be 20 in August. (I feel old already) 


jvvxJHGm.jpg Ykimbbmm.jpg




I have played Runescape for about 10 year on and off. I've only been in the botting community for roughly 1.5 years and I'd have to say (especially on OSBot) that we are a really awesome group of people. Everyone is really kind (when they dont get scammed wink.png ) and helpful for a lot of things and I really appreciate that.




The first major event that happened in my life was when my dad passed away in 2003 from liver failure. Lots of people ask me if I blame the doctors for not doing a better job and I always say "of course not, there was just not another healthy liver available yet.)




The same year my Uncle gave me my first real experience with gaming, a Nintendo 64. I would still pick the N64 over any console if someone said to choose one. My favorite game on it would have to be Banjo Kazooie or 007 Golden Eye.




Fast forward 10 years or so, I decided to drop out of high school due to thinking I was wasting my time there and depression caused by a number of things. So, I decided to go to collage the same year for Carpentry and was told by lots and lots of people that I was wasting my life away and that it was a waste of money. Sure it cost me $1500 but i got that all back when I passed. I ended up getting 93% overall and I currently get paid $20/hr. tongue.png




I currently work with 2 really great people building anything from single family houses, to 4-plexes, to 6000 sq.ft custom homes. Sure sometimes we have some rough patches with each other but we get through it and always laugh about it at the end of the day.












The one thing that I love more than video games would have to be my car and my dog. His name in Remington or Remi for short, and iv'e had him for 3 years since birth. He is a pure bred chocolate lab and I take him everywhere. My baby a 2006 Mustang V6 (no replacement for displacement but weight reduction bro) I have spent so much of my money on my baby but it's worth it a million every time I turn the key.
















MUSIC. Always makes the day go by so much faster and better when you have music playing in the background. I'm mostly into EDM but will listen to anything except Christian / classical or opera. Sorry but I just cant do it.




I own my own welder that I just like to make random things with because I find it relaxing and enjoyable. So far iv'e made my own muffler delete for my Mustang and i'm currently working on a custom x-pipe for it aswell.














And that's about it for me. If anyone would like to know anything else about me feel free to ask and i'll answer or an exhaust clip I can do that no problem. Thanks for taking a look at this and if anyone else would like to post something about themselves too that would be awesome smile.png

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