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Hey guys, i'm a bit confused

Backstory- I've recently attained 70 defence, 70 attack, and 70 strength

I'll be training my stats through slayer. The thing is i don't know what to wear when training. My future setup will be Torag legs, Fighter torso,nezzy helm, dboots, obby cape, and saradomin sword.

Is this a good setup? 

Or should i replace ss with whip and my d defender and train atk first then go to strength

Or should i replace torso w/ torag platebody

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Once I got all 70's, I used d skim and defender to get str to 80, then used whip to get 80 atk and def, and did that to 99 while training slayer. Honestly tho it's probably better to max in NMZ (either afk guthans or Fruity's NMZ script) then level slayer maxed, since it will be quicker.

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