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Obby Mauler Help


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Hey Guys,



im after a bit of advice. I want to make an obby mauler  i am currently 1/60/1  and everything else is 1.


I have never really pked before so wanna start off with something simple, so i guess what im asking is what other stats should i be getting and what else do i need to do ?


Cheers in advance

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alrtight ill work on 55 slayer and 50 range and the same time.   keep strength at 60 tho ? and does it matter what pray lvl aslong as its between 15-30 ?


don't really listen to the 2nd half what she said, 


get 55 slayer using mage and range on the hard task. maul all the other ones. you don't want to do prayer until your 90+ str.


if you go over 50 mage/range it is fine but you will have to strength train to be non-mage/range based.

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If you want to PK at 60 Strength, level your range to 40 (this will not affect your combat, only hp levels gained might). You should still be 32 Combat I believe. It is fun to pk at this level. Use a combat calculator to work out  what range/ mage levels you can get before you are no longer a strength dependent account. I think the max range you can get is 61 at 99 str.

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