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Dismiss Random Events/Minigames


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I was browsing the forum for something similar to this, but couldn't find one. i took it upon myself to make this and share it.


double distance; //variable declaration
public static final String[] RANDOM_ID = {"Beekeeper","Capt' Arnav","Niles","Miles","Giles","Sergeant Damien","Drunken dwarf","Freaky Forester","Frogs","Prince","Princess","Genie","Evil Bob","Postie Pete","Leo","Jekyll","Hyde","Mysterious Old Man","Mime","Pillory Guard","Flippa","Tilt","Quiz Master","Rick Turpentine","Sandwich lady","Security Guard","Strange plant","Mr. Mordaut"}; //variable declaration

NPC RANDOM = npcs.closest(RANDOM_ID);
if (RANDOM != null) {
distance = RANDOM.getPosition().distance(myPosition());
if (distance < 2) {
log("Random Event Dismissed");



The String array is pretty long due to the amount of different events there are and the NPCs accociated. Personally I used the NPC interaction in a case statement, but whatever works for you. tongue.png

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