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What simple thing should I bot: Fishing,Mining,Wood cutting,Rune crafting or hunting?


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I tried blast furnace after not botting for a whole year. It's not for me... too much crap to do in order to set up.
I just want to go back to botting something simple with minimal setup.

I am far too busy to be constantly making several bot accounts needing special setups. I know the profits won't be massive compared to something more complex like blast furnace, but I really don't care.

Which would be the most profitable between these five skills?

Fishing,Mining,wood cutting, rune crafting or hunter?

Please explain why and how long it will take before I pay off a bond for 2.2m.


Thanks in advance

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Hunter at level 73 can make easy 200k/hr. at red chins. Easy 500k/hr at blacks if you splash.

Woodcutting is just pure profit, just move up trees til you get to yews/magics.

Fishing is also pure profit, and make about 90-100k/hr at 80 fishing.

Between fishing and woodcutting which would you say is better for profit/quicker to become profitable?

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Between fishing and woodcutting which would you say is better for profit/quicker to become profitable?

I have not done Woodcutting to a high enough level yet for magics/yews but I did just achieve 99 fishing with Czar's script. I know that you will be making 100k+/hr at higher fishing levels while only getting 12k xp. To get to around 80-90 fishing you can probably do it in 60hrs from level 1. But in case you don't know cooking atm is great profit. If you buy raw sharks and cook them then you can be making about 300k-400k gp/hr. It is about the same as Wyverns because of all the botting that has been going on.  But.. you would need a higher cooking level. If you have the gp, just buy out as many raw sharks as you can.

But.. fishing right now doesn't seem profitable 2 many bots in every skill. Honestly it is up to you.

Runecrafting is huuge profit. At level 50 I think you make an easy 500k/hr+ but also has a high ban rate. 

Czar Motherload I am doing right now and making about 75k gp/hr at level 66 mining. I saw on reddit if you get mining to 99 at motherload you make about 72mil, but that is in the long run.

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in my opinion I like to run Khal Runecrafting Script

personally because i've never been banned once using this script and

its pretty easy to get 44 Runecrafting. You can make about 200k/h


is that in the abyss or normal nature runecrafting.

My only issue with the abyss is the setup involved to make sure you wont die/can navigate properly.

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