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99 Fishing Goal


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My goal is to bot 99 fishing using barb fishing for the str / agility xp and make it into a sick pure.


I started with everything 1, got to 48 fishing, 15 str, 15 agility legit and now will be botting it. 


I ran it overnight last night and these are the stats at the start of the thread. Expect long proggies granted I don't get banned.




 as of 7/17/15


as of 7/20/15


as of late night 7/21/15





xp/hr was glitched on this one since it loaded all my xp at the start of script.




only 67 hours to 90 doge.png






broken again doge.png i notice it loads all your xp when you start from login screen.




wish me luck, may jagex have mercy doge.png


edit: jagex didnt have mercy 93f236b5787b8e949c00da645061f42b.png


granted the bot was spam logging in since the update this morning but fk it :troll:

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imo u should take a break for a couple of days to see what the bans are like with weath back....maybe do like 5 random quests and get 60 str by hand and buy obby maul..or u can no life cwars for halo lol thatd be cool

I boosted halo on my real obby with slayer staff which hasn't been botted and it was a bitch, granted that was 15 hours vs the 50 legit ones.

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