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Am I doing blast furnace wrong or something?


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I just began botting blast furnace for the first time ever.
I am confused with a few things.

For one, I have only been botting an hour yet I only made roughly 90k profit.
I am making steel bars, and I don't have a coal bag. I thought steel bars was 300k an hour but is that with or without a coal bag.
I am also level 30 smithing.

I don't know what I am doing wrong.
Also is coal bag worth getting?

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Ugh... I don't like the blast furnace... There's too much setup and my computer is being too slow(probably because of the crap ton of people in that one space on world 358).

This is why I always liked simple gold farming methods like wood cutting, fishing, mining, etc. It's so much easier to set up and easier to keep track of profits(just need to pay off the bond). Where as supply intensive gold farming methods there's so much crap, you have to pay off and not get banned before you do.

Fug this... *locks topic and hugs yew tree*.

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