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Osbot crashing when changing ram allocation


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It depends on the amount of RAM available to the JVM.


When you specify the amount of RAM, the launcher starts a JVM with that max allocation. However, on computers that don't have much RAM (or using 32 bit java), there's a limit on the max amount of RAM you're allowed to give to the JVM that you're probably hitting.




In other words, you're hitting the max amount you can use for your system. Switching to 64 bit java might allow you to use more.

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- Make sure you are using the latest OSB client.


- Make sure you are using the latest version of Java (you might have installed the latest but Java might still run an older version, it shouldn't, but I've seen this occur so check your Java settings).


- Make sure the allocated ram doesn't exceed your system's usable ram (which can be different than the installed amount).


- You can modify the maximum amount of memory to be assigned to the JVM by following the following guide:



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