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Can't post on the Forum's? Try these simple steps.

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Can't post on the forums? Try this; 


For Chrome users

1. Go to 3CKaq.jpg At the top right hand corner. <--Left | Right-->


2. Click 3CKcT.png In the box.


3. Click 3CKeg.png In that tab.



4. Check these boxes 3CKg0.png


5. Then click this 3CKgW.png




For Firefox Users 

1. Go to  3CKNu.png In the top left hand corner. <-- Left | Right -->


2. Click here 3CKQ3.png In that drop down box.


3. Click here 3CKRb.png In the box that pops out.


4. Check all that I have checked here 3CKUj.png




Hit the like button if it helped you any smile.png


(If you're not using Firefox or Chrome,

I would suggest getting them.

Internet Explorer= No No No...

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why i can't post in marketpalce lel

You need 40 posts bro.

please stop with the black man ]:

I do not use the same theme as you so it picks up the background of my theme when I put it. I am sorry if you do not like it I advice you to switch themes.

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