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  1. Anyone know how one can make a little bit of money on the internet in a short period of time? Don't have a job right now and am looking for ways other than gold farming to make some money. All and any ideas/methods are appreciated.
  2. I've been mining for the past few days, I guess I could just get 85 mining and sell the account and buy more stuff with the money from it...But I want to have a account I play legit on while I bot also and it's just boring surfing the web while I bot because I get tired of sitting in the same place all day lol
  3. 67 mining, 54 woodcutting, 23 thieving. Only stats I have leveled up.
  4. When you say he may be able to assist me, what do you mean exactly?
  5. Hey guys, so i'm a little short on cash, irl and in game so I was wondering what would be the best money making script to use with little cash in game? I only have $3 to my name right now so help a brotha out and give him this advice :^)
  6. Which ones are they? Are the the newer series or are they older? I bought mine a while ago and they came out with better audio apparently.
  7. Hey guys, I have a pair of beats but I don't like them because I've had them for like almost 2 years now. They're getting old and plus Beats audio quality sucks major dick. Now I know that i'm going to get some shit for this but I want something that looks decent that also has really amazing audio (specially bass because I love dat rap yo jay kay rap is for homos imo).
  8. I have beats, please for the love of god, do NOT get them. They are complete shit and the audio is terrible. If anything, get a pair of Bose headphones like other people have suggested.
  9. So exactly how are you going to do this? Are you going to use lamps until like whatever level it is for low alch then low alch to 55 then alch to 99?
  10. Hey guys, so I started gold farming and stuff last summer and ended up leaving the community for awhile and now i'm back. I'd like to make some extra money so I can pay off my parents for stupid mistakes I have made (Stole their credit card because I wanted RP for League of Legends and bought some mounts on WoW) But anyways, I was thinking about starting a leveling service, but I don't quite feel it is a good idea since people don't know me that well around here anymore...Plus i'm still in school for a month almost. Thoughts?
  11. Molepepper


    Okay guys, i'm really fucking bored right now and i'm looking for more people on my skype currently. Everyone should add me up right now because i'm a cool cat and pretty soon with be starting my gold farming again so you can buy gold for probably around 2.4/m so i'd say cheap. But anyways, I also get bored while I am leveling things manually so I would like more people to talk to other than in the chat on the forums. So go to your skype>add contact>type>molepepper.the.god>click>tell forum name>get added
  12. Molepepper

    Dollar Sigs

    Could I put an order in while I am waiting to get my paypal stuff confirmed? It will probably only take a day for that to happen.
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