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Which would you rather be forced to do?


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Have mod mark sit on you for 48 hours(that includes him going to the bathroom/farting on you since he wont get up)?




Slather yourself in pigs blood and evade being hunted for 5 minutes by a carnivorous animal of your choosing(Lions,tigers and bears oh my!). To clarify if you last 5 minutes you'll be immediately teleported to safety but think of all the running you'll have to do in between(unarmed I might add).


Let the games begin

*Mischievous smirk*

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But guys do you have any idea how challenging it'd be to not get killed let alone outrun one of these powerful predators? Either scenario is completely messed up I will admit and while each has a benefit and downside over the other but in the end neither is truly much better than the other.

Given that there is only 1 of the animal, it won't just attack you if you are covered in pigs blood. Tons of factors as to why any of the given list of animals would attack.


Also if it is in it's 'hunt' they will not instantly attack you given the first 5 minutes of the hunt.

Your facts and figures aren't welcome here >.<

That ruins the fun lol.

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If we pick option one do we still get 3 meals a day doge.png

Um... Well I don't see why not...

You'll still have a fat dude sitting on you and have to deal with his bodily fluids but sure eat your heart out.

Though realistically Mod Mark will probably try to fight you for the food just saying ;).

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