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Dispute against myself.


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Hide ALL sensitive information, picture especially as this is the way that the owner will be able to confirm they are the owner.


Disputed member: Me

Thread Link: No link

Explanation: Basically i moved out of my uni house on monday and found a sheet of paper with loads of my old accounts on there, i decided i would have a look and see if i could remember the passwords for any. I found one account with the login '[staff omitted]' the email had the username '[staff omitted]' jotted down with it, i never remembered selling this account and couldn't remember the password so i did some digging through old membership payments (yes i didn't used to use bonds i was a noob) and managed to recover the account.


Little did i know i had changed the name of this account to '[staff omitted]' and had actually sold the account to @Transaction. I logged into the account and below you will see what i found on the account. I would like to say i was horrified when i realised what was on the account and the fact it was training slayer, it obviously struck me that i had hacked the account back. Now, i am unsure whom was in possession of the account but they had near 30M in the inv alone. God knows what was in the bank, i wanted to check to show a print screen that i have NO intention of scamming this person regardless of if they are banned or not, but there was a pin, i am reporting this now so i can safely say i have not submitted a bank pin change request and have taken NOTHING from the account, i want to return the account to the rightful owner, i would like you to hide the username so the person who can confirm the username on this thread can have their account back. 


I am deeply sorry that this has happened but it was honestly an honest mistake and lack of organisation of jotting down the accounts i have sold. I am no scammer and love this community, however i understand if i must be moved to TWC and if this is a bannable offence then so be it i am not above the rules.


I left the account in Lumbridge as the account only had one days membership and was in a members zone. NOTHING on the account has been touched.





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