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Need firecape specialist.


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Greetings, Welcome to my hiring thread!

At the moment I have too many orders, not enough workers therefore I need quite a few more dedicated workers to join my service!



1) You need to pay a 10m 07 deposit fee. (Refundable when you want to leave.)

2) The deposit fee will not be refunded if you are caught scamming or kicked from the service.

3) Any work done outside of AIO or in direct competition with AIO while being a member of the team will result in an automatic dissmisal without refund of your deposit

4) At all times must treat customers with dignity and respect.

5) When you complete an order, 90% of it you will keep then a 10% goes to me. 

6) Before a service is started the customer will send me pictures of he or she’s bank. Any items missing is your responsibility.

7) Reasons you may be kicked from the service are: 

• Not completing orders you've taken.

• Disrespecting customers.

• A sudden inactivity without a warning given to me.

8) If accepted, you must use the signature provided. 


When posting an application that means you are agreeing to the ALL the T.O.S. Rules.


Application Form:

Approximately how many hours are you active per day?:

Your Skype:

Will you pay the deposit fee in full straight away (10m 07):

Additional information:

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