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Hi everybody!


In this thread I told a bit about myself, my goals and why I stopped botting.


Here's my progress report thread, finally!

I won't be updating this on a regular basis, just because I'm too lazy.


6th of July (latest)






ywVTlvG.png ---> BFuetfp.png


Gained over 1M. Bought my Sabre and Obsidian cape back. I'm not buying fury yet because I want to keep some cash to invest in skills. Also got more placeholders for all kinds of stuff and got loads of supercompost.


AVoujf9.png ---> FANPhyG.png

Started doing farming runs and getting closer to all 50s. Also getting 60 attack for dragon scimitar.



Quests are pretty much the same. I turned my steel gloves into mithril gloves and done a few quests for farming xp.

I still have to get adamant gloves.

29th of June




My wealth and important untradables. There's also about 2m worth of junk and placeholders in my bank. I used to have 6m more, but I trust-traded a friend and he ran. sad.png I'm saving up for: Fury, Prayer levels, Archer/Berserker ring, Robin Hood hat, Ranger's tunic and Ranger boots.


Current stats. Close to all 30s and on my way to all 50s.


All the quests I've done. Sorry for the bad edit. 


Right now I'm doing Creature of Fenkenstrain to quest Farming up. I want it high enough to start doing herb runs.

My main concerns are getting 55 Strength and 60 Attack, getting Runecrafting up to 50 (to make my cash back) and training Hunter (for cash and the spotted cape).

I'm hesitating about Prayer whether I should get it to 31, 43 or 52. 



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