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So today, a serious problem arose [help pls]


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So I've got 2 best friends, a guy (let's call him Jack) and a girl (let's call her Chloe). There's a history of a "love triangle" scenario between us, a few months back Jack liked Chloe, I liked Jack and Chloe liked me.


At the time, we all realised this was the situation and Chloe began liking Jack and I feared I would become left out if they had got together. So, our prom was coming up and he asked her to prom and she was excited by it and said yes. 


As time went on she began to realise that she doesn't like him, so she talked to me about it IRL telling me that she'd rather be my date and stuff but like it was too late. I realised that I truly like her at this point. So prom came tonight, things happened at first that made her end up looking like my date instead of his (not to mention almost the entire time she was hitting on me jokingly and I'd respond with some). He wouldn't really dance, all of my other friends tried to make him dance but he wouldn't.


In the end I ended up getting my groove on, which ended up in me dancing with her and then after a while he began feeling sad and walking away. I'm not sure how I feel about the night, it was fun but it ended badly so :/


What should I do :/

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You gotta choose, who do you care more about? Who have you known longer?

If you go out with the girl the guy will hate you, if you say no to the girl it will become awkward between you two

I care more for the guy, tonight I spent more time on trying to make him feel better and not be so awkward. I've known him longer


and yeah, that's why I feel so awkward about the situation. I want to date her because I think it'd be perfect, but at the same time I don't want to lose my best friend :(

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