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50m rs07 scammed

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Disputed member: @nesquik


Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=135430&st=0#msg277516


Explanation: bought rs07 account for 50m. MM was Mikasa. I had account for 24 hours and the following day. email and password was changed with no methods of me receiving the account back.


Evidence: aside from these images i have 2 videos I need to share from proof of hacking... please help with how to upload


skype info: CmFbmUM.png

what trade is: PktHKjO.png

email was never supplied: qV0LnDv.png

account being traded: 

me on account i bouoght: sVgFMQR.png (i changed name that day)

proof of acc name change: 

proof of unfriending after hack: ZA9z360.png

acc stats today: b3MIAu6.png (if you look closely, he got 75 attack, which to my logic is the attack required for ags AND he raised prayer to 52. I bought account for 50m and price of ags is about 55m. JUST SAYIN !)

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I can confirm that I MM'd this trade.

I can also confirm that the user never paid me the 2.5m that he offered in this topic - http://osbot.org/forum/topic/73324-looking-for-mm/


After I was alerted by OP that the account was locked, I sent this message to Joshua, but never got a final answer on what happened.




I've moved the user into TWC and I have alerted him to post in this topic.

I'll let the other mods handle the dispute from here, and I will add evidence as needed.

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@nesquik has been given 24 hours to respond, in the meantime although not the best method; i'd advise downloading gyazo (simply type it into google) using the video recording feature and simply replay your videos and record them and post the links here. Any sensitive information will be hidden before the post is approved.

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