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DC scape

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how is everybody enjoying their disconnections? My bots have failed numerous times in last few days due to DDOSing but can it be stopped? Why is it that runescape is able to be targeted and DDOSed but you never really see other big games like DOTA, LoL going down...

i don't play these games so i'm not 100% sure how it works but all i seem to see is runescape DC's 

can you stop a DDOS attack?

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What crack rocks are you smoking? LoL struggled for months, dota was down CONSTANTLY for over 3 months over the winter...lol.



I love all the hate, when you have no IDEA what you are talking about, or any KNOWLEDGE of the situation.

OPEN YOUR EYES man, its nearly impossible to stop something this LARGE scale.

They've made several posts on their MAIN page, and REDDIT addressing the issue, and they are trying their best.

No you can't "stop them" you can redirect them, and cut them down, but you can't STOP millions of computers hitting you.

And no, they don't know what they are doing, they are literally paying people to do it for them, they are script kiddies that are mad because they got banned for abusing. (if you read the posts it stats whats happening..)

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