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Phishing sites

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Your opinions on this matter?


do you find it fine, the people who fall for it are dumb arses?




are you completely against it, botting is fine but stealing accounts is fucking scum?




was thinking of doing it then going on twitch saying give away, but not work the risk of going to court.





opinions and arguments wanted/supported in this thread. 

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I think account scamming is more of a crime (its basically stealing...) much like selling an acc to someone and later charging back the account.

Imo botting is mostly okay as you're not actually stealing anything as such, you're simply aquiring it.

Luring on the other hand I hold the same view to. For this reason I report all lurers/phish site spammers, but don't report botters (even tho i don't bot myself).




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would there not be a way to get into the data files of these phishing sites and get the accounts yourself from their data base?


because they wouldn't bother putting any security into the site? they do all the effort and you do nothing?


I don't know what your intentions are but I don't like the way this discussion goes.

If you are into phishing/hacking, I have to tell you that this is the wrong Forum!

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