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Hiring Workers - Questers / Powerlevers / Firecapers [Gaurenteed Profit]


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1. 5M Deposit, Mandatory.

2. You must speak decent English

3. Feedback is preferred, but not a requirement

4. You must have a Skype so that we will be able to communicate.






1. You must pay a 5M deposit fee in order to join, this goes to me & will not be refunded

2. You must finish an order that you have taken, if you decide to leave, you will not receive payment.

3. You're automatically responsible for scamming a user, I, @Jams have no responsibility for your actions. -  I am reponsible for any scams my worker does in an order and will refund my customers if a worker scams them.

4. The deposit fee is non-refundable if you decide to leave or if you're kicked from the service, but I guarantee you will have orders and you WILL PROFIT.

5. You must add me, into a group chat over Skype if undergoing an order, failure to do so will result in being removed from the service entirely.

6. If you scammed somebody, you will NOT receive money for your orders or refund from your deposit fee.

7. By filling the application, you agree to the T.O.S


If you're interested in joining my service, message me with the private message title "Worker Application". Either that, or post below following the application format below 








Can you do Firecapes/Void/Quests? (not required):


How long are you online on weekdays/weekends?:


What is your Time Zone:


Do you have a 5M 07 Gp Deposit:


What kind of things can you do for our services (Powerlevelling legit, Questing, Torsos, etc)?: 


Have you added my Skype? :


Why would you like to work for my services? (not required, but its nice to know) :


Do you agree to the TOS?: 


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