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Disconnecting from runescape

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i looked around the forums for a bit and couldnt find a topic about this i am dcing from runescape constantly it started last night and i can not stay online for more then 5-10 minutes before i dc and it shows that i am still logged into the game after i dc.


I'll dc > error connecting to server > you are still logged on try again in 60 seconds > log back on > repeat


and when it dcs the bot shuts off cause it thinks i am logged into my account on a different computer so i can not run the bot for more then 5 to 10 minutes at a time


ive also tried running osbuddy on my main computer and even thats making me crash im crashing on a vps which is what im running my bot on

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runescape servers = shit


man, you talk like they don't stop those attacking instantly. they are fucking GREAT at stopping these kinds of attacks, they are being attacked by MILLIONS of computers at once, and only loging out for less then 10 seconds before who ever is doing it gets blocked and goes and regroups for 30 minutes to avoid the block.. i mean realistically, thats better then 99.9% of any other service out there.

how long does sony go down? 2 hours? xbox, 4 hours? netflix, 30-1 hour? Come on man, they are doing a rocking job. Stop acting like they are shit and aren't doing their job, because they are doing a fucking GREAT job.


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Yeah I thought I was the only one

lol idiot crossed off everyting but username.. nice work;reported!!!

lol idiot crossed off everyting but username.. nice work;reported!!!

and really funny actually lol i remember you bragging about how you no-life scape in the 07altar chat.. watch your ass bro

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