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! ~ Zerker Guide ~ ! {REPOST}


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The Equipment:

Helmet: Berserker Helmet - bought at the warriors' guild, requires 45 defense and completion of the Fremennik Trials quest to wear.  Cost: 78k

Amulet: Amulet of Fury - bought from other players OR made from an onyx gem bought in TzHaar caves at TzHaar-Hur-Lek's ore and gem shop for 300,000 tokkul.  Cost: 3M RSGP as of March 9, 2013; 300,000 tokkul

Torso: Fighter Torso - earned from the barbarian assault.  Cost: none.

Cape: Fire Cape - achieved after defeating Jad in the TzHaar fight pits. You can also use a 99 skill cape if you cannot defeat Jad.  Cost: However much the supplies were to defeat Jad.

Weapon(s): Whip, DDS - these weapons can be bought from other players once the RS2007 economy gets going. DDS' are sold in the Lost City for 30k. You can use a D scimmy in the meantime after completion of the Monkey Madness quest.  Cost: unknown RSGP atm for whip, 30k for DDS.

Shield: Rune defender - dropped by the ogres in the warriors' guild.  Cost: none

Legs: Rune legs - no need for explanation    Cost: 50k?

Gloves: Barrows' gloves - can be bought from the Culinaromancer's chest for 100k. Must have completed all of the subquests for the Recipe for Disaster quest. Cost: 100k

Boots: Rune boots - can be bought from other players.  Cost: unknown atm

Ring: Berzerker Ring - can be bought from other players or dropped by the Dagganoth Rex in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.  Cost: unknown atm


Berserker Stats:

Attack: 70-99

Strength: 99 

Defense: 45 

Hitpoints: 90-99 

Prayer: 52 

Range: At least 70 

Magic: 94-99 

It is of the utmost importance that you do not train defense manually. You must get defense through the quests that you complete, otherwise, your pure is ruined 


Overall Skill Requirements for quest:

Agility: 51
 15 (quested)

Cooking: 70

Fishing: 62

Magic: 66

Mine: 60

Pray: 30 (quested)

Range: 40

Runecrafting: 35

Slayer: 30

Smithing: 54

Strength: 69

Thieving: 53

WC: 55


Defense Quests:

1. A Soul's Bane - Reward: 500 defense and hitpoints exp, 500 RSGP.

2. In Search of the Myreque - Reward: 600 attack, defense, strength, hitpoints and crafting exp.

3. Heroes Quest - Reward: Exp in the following skills: attack, defense, strength, hitpoints, range, woodcutting, firemaking, cooking, herblore, smithing and mining (1325-3075 exp per skill). 

4.  Nature Spirit - Reward: 2,000 defense and hitpoints, 3,000 crafting exp. 

5.  The Fremennik Trials - Reward: 2,812.4 exp in all of the following skills: attack, strength, defence, hitpoints, agility, thieving, crafting, fletching, fishing and woodcutting. 

6.  The Holy Grail - Reward: 11,000 prayer, 15,300 defense exp. 

7.  Dragon Slayer - Reward: 18,650 strength and defense exp. 

8.  Monkey Madness - Reward: Approach Daero to train you in attack/defence for 20,000 exp and strength/hitpoints for 35,000.  
Congrats! You should be level 45 defense! 


Prayer Quests

1. Making History - Reward: 1,000 prayer and crafting exp. 

2.  Mountain Daughter - Reward: 1,000 attack, 3,000 prayer exp. 

3.  Recruitment Drive - Reward: 1,000 agility, herblore, and prayer exp. 

4.  The restless Ghost - Reward: 1,125 prayer exp. 
5.  Priest in Peril - Reward: 1,406 prayer exp. 

6.  Ghosts Ahoy - Reward: 2,400 prayer exp. 

7.  Rag and Bone Man - 500 cooking, 5,500 prayer (500 for the first section, 5,000 for the second) exp. 

8.  Rum Deal - Reward: 7,000 prayer, fishing and farming exp   look at those farming gainzzzzz 

9.  Spirits of the Elid - Reward: 1,000 magic and thieving, 8,000 prayer exp. 

10.  Swan Song - Reward: 10,000 prayer and fishing, and 15,000 magic exp. 

11.  Holy Grail - Reward: 11,000 prayer, 15,300 defense exp   this was stated above in the defense quests. 

Congrats!  You should be level 42; almost 43 prayer! 


Other Quests Required:

1. Cook's Assistant
2. Fishing Contest

3. Goblin Diplomacy

4. Big Chompy Bird Hunting

5. Plague City

6. Biohazard

7. Demon Slayer

8. Murder Mystery

9. Witches House

10. Gertrude's Cat Get dat Hellcat  

11.  Lost City

12. The Golem

13. Shadow of the Storm

14. Shield of Arrav

15. Merlin's Crystal


17.  Family Crest

18. Jungle Potion

19. Shilo Village

20. Underground Pass

21. Waterfall I suggest you do this first so you get 30 attack and strength from level 1 

22.  Tree Gnome Village

23. The Grand Tree

24. Death Plateau

25. Troll Stronghold

26. Temple of Ikov

27. The Tourist Trap

28. The Digsite

29. Desert Treasure   Barrage  

30.  Horror from the Deep You must have completed  The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl FIRST! 

31.  Drudic Ritual

32. Black Knight's Fortress

33. Rune Mysteries

34. Lunar Diplomacy

35. Recipe for Disaster

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Nice guide!

Two things:

1. The pic isn't working somehow, I just see "click and discover imageshack". I would never use imageshack to upload pictures, there are better sites.

2. I want to help, the right prices are:

-Berserker Helm: 48k

-Amulet of Fury: 3M

-Abyssal Whip: 2.6M

-Dragon Dagger (P++): 30K

-Rune Platelegs: 40K OR gilded platelegs: 1.4M

-Barrows gloves: 130K

-Rune Boots: 13K

-Berserker Ring: 3.5M

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Nice, Nice. I'm one defence myself and I have about 166 qp, I've done all prayer quests except Holy Grail. I'm going to stay at 50 prayer after doing the great brain robbery, so that I'll be able to quest to 52, instead of being 53 from it if I ever want to be a zerk (which may happen)

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Why 70 - 99 attack, why not 60?


Your choice

Nice, Nice. I'm one defence myself and I have about 166 qp, I've done all prayer quests except Holy Grail. I'm going to stay at 50 prayer after doing the great brain robbery, so that I'll be able to quest to 52, instead of being 53 from it if I ever want to be a zerk (which may happen)



Very nice guide! Very simple, but in-depth as well.


Thanks lol

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