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best methods for 100k/h+


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Pretty much what this dude says ^.

If you buy a script and/or VIP, you won't have to create a new account every 5 hours, you will probably get 3 times more money per hour, and you can do longer runs.

If you don't want to spend any money, consider it this way:


Option 1: Free script stuffs

You will probably get a max of 80k/h, and you will get banned easily, most times even before you break the trade limit. This will result in a overall profit of much less than 80k/h. Also, having to do the tutorial island over and over is painful.


Option 2: Paid script and memby stuffs

The investment is much greater, but the outcome is much greater too. For example, you'll buy VIP, membership and a script which gives you around 250k/h.

Total costs will be:

-One time fee of 8.99 (cost of most scripts)

-Monthly 2.7m and 9.99 (two bonds and VIP)

If you'd run the script 10h per day, which is easily doable with mirror client, you'll get 2.5m a day.

Each month (if a month would be 29 days, which it isn't), you will get 29*2.5=72.5 let's say 70m.

You could sell 10m, which easily covers the costs of the script+VIP, which makes you at 60m. 60m-2.7m=57.3m per month. Take in consideration that the next month, you already have the script, so you won't have to pay that 8.99 again.


See? The investments are always easily worth it


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